What we are doing

At this stage, our business consists of three main categories


E-commerce - Industrial supplies sourcing platform

What we do is a one-stop sourcing platform for global industrial products, targeting the sourcing needs of overseas users for industrial products. We integrate domestic and overseas industrial factory resources to provide high-quality procurement services to overseas users. Our industrial products include 20 categories, such as refrigeration equipment, control components, power equipment and many other products, covering various fields related to industry. Currently, our products are exported to nearly 200 countries.


Heavy industrial customization:

Our existing factory is engaged in smelting wear parts for mining and excavation, producing high quality wear parts and exporting them to overseas.
The models we produce are suitable for a wide range of types and can meet most scenario applications, as well as special customized services according to customer needs.


Industrial big data:

With more than ten years of experience in the industrial industry, we have accumulated more than billions of industry data, and we can accurately determine the dynamics of relevant industry chain production capacity through the collection and analysis of big data. We have a keen insight into global industrial product deployment that is second to none in the industry.