High quality own factory

We have been cultivating the industry for more than ten years, and built our first wear parts factory in 2008, invested a lot of assets to introduce the industry's leading equipment, and recruited a team of domestic industry top talents. The products developed and produced can be adapted to a large number of first-line mining industry brand equipment, and have been unanimously recognized at home and abroad.


Mould manufacturing

We have the top professional designers in the industry to improve and design the moulds for our products.

We always keep them at the top level of the industry.

Moulding and core manufacturing

Our molding and core manufacturing process uses the best international mainstream equipment and machinery, which makes our

efficient and precise operation. This allows us to maintain high quality in the subsequent production of our wear parts.

high quality.

Advanced Smelting Equipment

Our smelting process meets international standards and our smelting technology is among the best in the industry

in the industry.

Metal analysis and testing

We are meticulous and tedious in testing and analyzing metal materials after smelting, repeating

We repeatedly test the metal material and make adjustments for products that do not meet the standards.

Quality control

We always maintain a rigorous approach to quality control of wear parts

The quality of our products is always of the same high quality after they are delivered.