Explanation of the logo

LOGO to capital letters "O" and "K" as a deformation, with Arabic numerals to build graphics, with arrows to assist, to present "O" " &" "1" "<" combination of characters, can be visualized through the symbols in the figure "OK" letter combination style. Through the combination of Arabic letters 0 and 1, the brand innovation concept of "0 to 1" is conveyed to people. The 0 and 1 are computer binary language, giving people a sense of data technology, and the arrow pointing to 1 also illustrates our corporate vision of being the first in the industry. O&K is a combination of the letters O and K. The combination of the letters OK means that the transaction is as simple as the word, making the customer more satisfied, and is also a favorable communication of the corporate culture.

We firmly believe in the importance of brand to an enterprise, this will be our abstract symbol to establish a hundred-year enterprise, and will also be the visual communication symbol of our corporate culture.