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The origin of the name, Thousand Positive
The word "Thousand" is the "Thousand" of thousands of genuine products.
As an industry standard in the field of e-commerce we always provide our customers with genuine and authentic products
And has been based on the industry as our corporate guidelines.

Qianzheng Technology Co., Ltd.

Powering the industrial sector

◆ In order to reduce costs and efficiency in the industrial industry, we have focused our company on industrial parts.

◆ O&K GROUP was established in March 2008, formerly known as Sichuan Guoheng Trade Co., Ltd. and renamed as Qianzheng Technology in June 2020. At the beginning of its establishment, the company started its trade by providing wear parts in the field of mining collection, and set up brands such as O&K Group and A&S Machinery.

◆ More than 10 years later, our business has expanded to many fields such as industrial electronic components, high precision electronic equipment, civil electrical parts, and factory equipment. In the future, our business field will be broader to provide quality services for industrial and civil electronic and electrical equipment.

Qianzheng Technology Co., Ltd.

The future is promising for Chizheng

On the occasion of the establishment of the past 10 years, in order to new journey, to achieve a hundred-year enterprise, the company has introduced advanced processes and systems.
And every year, we absorb a lot of excellent talents to open up the territory for Qianzheng.

Qianzheng Technology Co., Ltd.

Going global Chisho

Our goal has always been to lead the global market.
We have been providing high quality services and equipment to America, Europe, Middle East and so on.
In the future, we will open up more vast markets such as India, South Africa and Australia.
We will provide better service to our customers all over the world with better service.

Qianzheng Technology Co., Ltd.
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