26 /12

As a multi-category industrial product mall, OKmarts has been deeply involved in the professional field of industrial accessories for many years, providing thousands of customers with high-quality solutions and industrial products of different categories.

In this era of rapid development, the business of OKmarts (okmarts.com) continues to expand. After two years of negotiations, OKmarts will successfully acquire and take over motors8.com on January 8, 2023 with the total purchase price of $17 million. After that, motors8.com will cease operations.

motors8.com, affiliated to A&S Electric Motors, is a company specializing in the manufacture and sales of electric motors and soft starters, offering standardized solutions and flexibility of manufacturing, customization, and processing services in the field of electric motors.

At present, OKmarts has achieved goods supply with rapid response, complete categories and stable source. OKmarts' shipping network is all over the world, which means that OKmarts can deliver a large number of products through optimized logistics and provide customers with full-chain services.

OKmarts and A&S Electric Motors (motors8.com) have joined forces and complement each other's strengths. It is believed that they can move towards a more promising development path and achieve maximum win-win results.