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With the development of globalization of trade, the market of cross-border procurement is also getting stronger and stronger, and OKmarts Mall is also actively integrating into the flood of cross-border sales of industrial products. After a year-long preparation, OKmarts successfully launched the new version on November 24, 2022, and the mall also welcomed the first event after the launch - Black Friday.

Multi-Brand and Multi-Category Products Participate in the Event

For this year's Black Friday event, OKmarts selected items from a wide range of categories including compressors, fans, servo products, pumps, valves, cylinders, power supplies, sliders, and more. Nearly 1,000 items were selected from each category. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of more users, the participating products cover a total of 188 brands, including Bristol, CKD, Daikin, Danfoss, Delta, EBM, Hitachi, Koganei, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Sanyo, Siemens, Tecumseh, Yaskawa, and other brands. Tecumseh, Yaskawa and other popular brands.

Strongly Attract User Attention

After the new version of the mall was launched, the Black Friday event page strongly attracted the attention of users and successfully became the top ten most visited pages in the mall. The number of daily pageviews is as high as 12W+, and the number of daily active users is as high as 12,000. Among them, products that have attracted much attention from consumers include Mitsubishi compressor RE277NRAMT, Sanyo compressor C-2RN153H3A, KAKU fan KA2206HA2-2, etc., and the number of visits of these products is in the forefront. For Y.S.TECH Fan FD126020MB, Servo Fan TUDC24Z4-413, ORION Fan OD4028-12HB01A and other products, consumers are also frequently buying over and over again.



At the same time, after investigation, we found that compressors are the most frequently visited category by users, and its pageviews account for 33.17% of the total page views of the mall, which is the result of the rich product library we provide to users.

Great Discounts

Different from previous preferential discounts in the mall, this Black Friday event offers a 12% off, up to $600 off, and you can also use coupons and member discounts in combination. For industrial products, it is a low price beyond imagination.
Mr. Michael from the UK needed a solenoid valve worth $439. After participating in the Black Friday event, he only spent $379 and bought what he wanted. The Black Friday event saved him a full $60. At the same time, no additional shipping fees were required.

Single Commodity Purchases Become the Norm

In the previous procurement of industrial products, it was often necessary to purchase dozens of goods at one time, and the quantity purchased was more than needed. However, with the development of global trade, the services we provide to purchasers from various countries are to meet their actual needs rather than inventory requirements. We aim to reduce customers' the extra cost generated by inventory backlog, and in the true sense, help customers realize the best use of everything.

Rich Product Library

One of the characteristics of industrial goods is the variety and type. How to quickly find the goods you need is the key, OKmarts mall is a major advantage is the inclusion of many e-commerce platform can not provide goods, such as the aforementioned Mitsubishi Compressor RE277NRAMT, in many large shopping malls is still difficult to buy.

Highly Professional Customer Service with Real-Time Response

We also have a highly professional sales team who have accumulated a lot of professional knowledge and can answer your questions about products while selling products, including but not limited to product performance parameters, technical indicators, specifications and uses. Especially when you have technical questions about the products you want to buy, you can contact our customer service for help. Our customer service will respond to your questions as quickly as possible.

Logistics and Delivery Services Covering the World

Or maybe some e-commerce platforms are not capable of completing cross-country orders. And OKmarts Mall cooperates with several global high-quality logistics companies, not only to protect users from damage during the transportation of purchased goods, but also in order to allow users to be able to purchase goods in the shortest possible time, while only paying very low logistics shipping costs. Let users experience the convenience brought by the open world, like Sanyo Compressor C-2RN153H3A, in aliexpress, it takes 10 days at the earliest to ship the goods, while in OKmarts Mall, we can send out the goods within 3 days at the earliest.

Of course, if your quantity demanded is large, you can also consider the ocean freight to save your cost.


The successful launch of the new version of OKmarts Mall is a milestone victory for OKmarts, it symbolizes that we are catching up with the wave of industrial internet by the east wind of world opening, and it also represents our determination to plow deeper in the business of industrial cross-border sales, and the Black Friday event in 2022 is also a signal to tell the majority of consumers that we can provide a huge amount of industrial The 2022 Black Friday event is a signal to consumers that we can offer a huge range of industrial products at great discounts, and that consumers can get the products they want at a very low cost. Such activities will be more and more frequent in OKmarts Mall.