14 /04

After OKmarts successfully acquired and took over motors8.com on January 8, 2023, it has been developing flourishingly. Under the management of OKmarts, the business development of motors8.com has also stepped up to a higher level.

OKmarts (okmarts.com) announces that it will take over as-belts.com, and on May 27, 2023, as-belts.com will stop operating. The total purchase price is 6.8 million US dollars. as-belts.com perfectly fills the blank of OKmarts in the industrial belt chain.

Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, OKmarts is more confident in building a one-stop service foreign trade mall with a complete range of categories trusted by global customers in the field of industrial e-commerce.

About as-belts.com
as-belts.com is part of A&S Conveyor Belts, a company specializing in industrial belts established in 2007. After years of operation and accumulation, with profound professional knowledge, experience and perfect supply chain, it provides professional and reliable services for end users, dealers and OEM customers.

About OKmarts
OKmarts has achieved rapid response, complete categories and stable supply worldwide. Its network is all over the world, which means that OKmarts can deliver a large number of industrial accessories through optimized logistics and provide customers with full-chain services.